Care of face skin

Procedures for face care with use Maria Galland cosmetics:

- "Mosaïque" (the procedure is provided for anti-aging care and deep food of skin. And also lifting and fight against pigmentation.-150 of €

- "Cocon" (care of tired skin which needs energy, and also skin saturation by oxygen and vitamins.-110 of €

- "Thalasso" (intensive moistening, stimulation of functions of skin, elasticity. - €110

- Procedures for men (skin food, moistening). Is included 30 minutes of massage of a back in the price of the procedure. €-125

- "Gidro" (deep moisturizing and calm of skin) € of.-85

-- "Anti-Age" (it is directed to reduction of quantity and depth of wrinkles, skin lifting, narrowing of a time, strengthening and elasticity of skin). - €85

- "Coup d'éclat" (refreshing care of face skin. It can also be applied to improvement of drawing and fixing of an evening make-up). €-70

- Care of area around eyes (moistening, a drainage, disposal of wrinkles) € of.-60. If the procedure is combined with care of skin of the person - €40

Procedures for face care with use of "JANSSEN COSMETIQUE":

- The leaving "Cleaning" (for oily, problem skin with an acne. It is directed to improvement of balance of skin) €.-85

- Leaving with use of acids (for stimulation of production of collagen, elastin, alignment of tone of skin, against pigmentation) €.-110

Hardware care of face skin:

-"Microneedling" (mechanical stimulation of production of collagen and improvement of penetration of assets, necessary for skin, into depth terms). €-70. Course cost (6 sessions) of €-380.

- "Microneedling" complex (includes also facial massage and a mask.-110 of €. Course cost from 6 sessions - €550.

- "Therma Lift" (gives elasticity to skin, lifting - effect. Skin becomes smooth, gentle, the face form contour improves).-€90. Course cost from 6 sessions - €450.

- "Therma Lift" complex (includes massage and a mask).-€140. Course cost from 6 sessions - €700.


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